My Story 

This is the post excerpt.


I come from a very distant land where people are like the people of other nations,i am a 20 year old girl living in Pakistan,with big dreams,the very first dream is to become a lecturer in some university,to teach,to educate,to spread awareness is my goal.Going to be an english graduate soon right now just waiting for the right moment to spread my wings and conquer my goals, love cats alot have them as a companion since i was 4 cool right,i believe animals are better than people.can’t let go things that easily,hate goodbyes,music is the reason i am still alive,if get a chance will learn spanish,i feel this language is just magical,all languages are but this one is in my list to learn, love to read currently reading “Dombey and sons” by Charles Dickens.Love to shop and meet new people,trying to learn how to drive if i do so you won’t see me sitting down nothing,would go for a long drive with loud music, just me trying to find who i am,everyday trying to be better than yesterday, believer in love and peace,equality.Want to find someone who will understand me and love me as i am.You won’t understand me just by reading this as easy as it looks is in reality something complicated in disguise.I hope you get my point and i will fill you on about my life,Life is difficult but its up to us if we wanna give up or stand back up after the blow, i stood up,let me help you stand back up too


“Be a Firefly”

In a world full of flies be a fire fly!        Spread light in darkness,

In a world full of moths be a butterfly,    Spread color and beauty, don’t symbolize darkness or decay, be a symbol of life,

Be a voice in a room full of silence,        Spread awareness, be a voice for the voiceless inmates of the prison of conventionalism, 

Be a giver for once, don’t expect anything in return, 

Think good for others and goodness will find you, 

Be a helping hand for once, not a bully!

Be a human with feelings and affections, we all have demons within us, let us destroy them, cage them and give rise to our positive selves, to our human selves, for once think about others not for our ownselves, just think!

Let us be lanterns of light for the lost wanderers, let us guide them back to the path of righteousness, 

Let us give them hope! that we are one and not make them feel like outcasts or exiles from their own kind or land.

Let us for once be less selfish, less cruel!


Have you ever witnessed an attack from your past unexpectedly,

The more I want it to stay behind the more it corners me, the things I want to leave buried gets dug up by someone or something and is served to me on a silver platter dish, why can’t it just stay where it belongs, in the past that is….

I am not the same person anymore, I have changed completely, no doubt. I have finished that battle, some I won and some I lost but I have moved on haven’t I? 

They say make peace with your past but how can I make peace with it, if it keeps coming back to me like a boomerang, it keeps dancing like my present is it’s perfect lighted stage, it keeps bouncing infront of me like a ball, why can’t I get freedom from it? why. 

Am I still affected by it that’s why it’s coming back to me or maybe it’s trying to teach me something that I am still unaware of, maybe it’s just playing games with me, I don’t know…

But I do know is that I am literally bored of it, it doesn’t hold much value or doesn’t have much impact on me.. Maybe it did taught me something, to let it go, to not get affected.
My past is like my shadow,                              It travelled with me through thick and thin,

It taught me to survive, it taught me to strive,                                   

It made me who I am today,                          No doubt! I am surprised 

I have made peace with it,                           you should too,

My past my shadow,                                       My past my faithful friend.

Super Positive?

Is it possible to be super positive?
 A new question is bouncing in my head like a ping pong ball, it goes up, it goes down, I throw it away, it comes back with a much higher force, Can we be Godly positive, it’s not even a word I know but can we.

Can you be that positive that if someone does you wrong you try to explain it to yourself,  he or she is just fighting their own battle I was just a part of his/her battle, it was me or his/her goal and like everyone else would, he chose his/her goal and as a result I was hurt or left behind. Can we be this positive? that we try to feel what was his/her reason behind causing me trouble, 

That he or she had to do it, I think that’s how it works someone falls someone gains,  I think this is life, or is it not? can two people get the same thing at the same time without harming each other? think, don’t we everytime leave someone behind when we succeed. 

No one is entirely your enemy, you are just in their way and they have to do you wrong, weird right. 

I think I can never be this positive. Can you? 

I will just stick to being earthly positive haha!

“My Life Line”

How overwhelming is the feeling of goodbye, 

I am two and a half year away from closing my university journey, it’s a really long time, I know you must think that but do ponder on the notion that the thing you did two months ago felt like you did it yesterday, it just gives me the chills. 

My best friend and I started our journey together, but suddenly she is having a change of mind, she wants to do her Masters in some other field, she is not feeling it, the spark that is.

Me and my bestfriend are total opposites. if I say I am a night owl she is an early bird, she prefers hot beverages, I on the other hand am Elsa’s cousin, cold as Ice haha, it was a joke, I am sensitive she is as solid as a rock, sometimes I envy her “I don’t give a damn” attitude, but she is my sweetheart, I still love her, I want her to stay so badly, I want to see us both completing the same journey together, us against the world, too cheesy, yeah I know, I can’t help it, 

But we all know I have to let go at some point, I have to move on, she will do whats right for her and I will do whats right for me, maybe these few months are our last ones together, clock is ticking and I know it surely won’t stop for me.

I don’t like ending things, why do we have to end everything?, why can’t it just flow like the river or exist forever like time?, why does our moments fade away, why do they end up in our pile of memories?, 

I know these questions are weird, probably even irrelevant, It’s like I am asking why can’t I stay forever young?, right. yeah, Well surely I will survive this like I have done a thousand times in my life, it’s a huge and necessary part of life, everything has to end,

Your fears, your dreams, your hopes everything, one day everything will perish, 

“veil of nothingness will cover us up until there is nothing but darkness, calming darkness that will snuff out the candle of life from our souls not because we sinned but because of our completed journey, time is up and we have to leave”,

Our last journey will end too but this journey will not stir my heart,  It will fill my veins with calmness and I will say,

“I have done it, I have completed my quest, I have discovered myself, it was not only a physical journey but an insightful one indeed, and as I leave this dusty peice of a land that we call earth I leave with my true self, I leave with a thousand memories, I leave with a thousand hugs and kisses, I leave with a thousand blessings, I leave with my experiences and their impact on other people, if not people then atleast my family, my siblings, my children, my grand children, my neighbours, my students, my colleages, my friends, my life line”.

“I leave with satisfaction”

Never forget that even if you did nothing in your life you did something, your presence was important and you have left your mark on this land and it makes a difference, a huge difference, believe in yourself! 

“Stop and Think”

One day everyone has to die, the feeling is quite overwhelming, your entire life you are a part of an extravagant race in which there are a thousand hurdles, loops even slips, sometimes the road will be smooth and sometimes it will feel like it never ends. 

you run and run and run, first for your life then for yourself and then for your family and your future, you just run.

Then after you have ran a marathon and almost touched the finish line, you look back to see how far you have come but only to realize how much you have missed,

so stop for a moment and breathe, relax and smile, cherish your life because you only live once, laugh and smile with your family, spent time alone. just you and your thoughts, reminisce back to your childhood memories, be happy, be blessed.

Because someday you are going to miss all of it and will regret it, that you had the chance to live but you put it aside for worldly desires for a better life, this notion “better life” has in my opinion misguided many people, you are living a better life just stop and think, don’t throw away something for something you want now, be happy with what you have.

Every one has dreams and goals I do too but I don’t let my goals take all my energy, I save it for my family, for my happiness, I save it for today, 

Sometimes it’s good to only think about the present, not about your past nor your future. 

respect and appreciate what you have, it will make your road to victory much easier,

Cheers friends!, I hope you make it through the day with a smile, May you stay calm and happy because happiness matters.

Shape shifter

We are not what we show,                            We are what we hide,

Buried deep in the desert of the unconsciousness,                                              My mummie rises at night, 

The clock strikes 12:00,                                    It rages from within, 

 When I look at myself in the mirror, I am astonished at my own powers

How I hide the wolf that comes alive at night,  

To devour the lies, To show itself,                To show my reality,

  Beware Newcomers I am not what you think I am,

I am a shapeshifter!                                           I am a human!

With an Angelic face with an empty heart, I glide through your walls like blood after a gash,   

You won’t see me coming, you won’t even know I am there, but I will be present like the sullen air, 

you breathe me in, you breathe me out,I am in your lungs, never doubt!

I can hurt you from inside, be careful who you open up to, 

Sometimes I like borrowing sheep skin to hide myself, just to lure you in, oh baby you don’t know how deep you are in, but when I strike you won’t be able to survive,

I am a wolf, I am a human! 

Don’t be a fool or you will become my meal, my hunger will feast on your stupidity, 

Don’t forget how hard you scheme after all of the hard work you will still remain a sheep!


You heard me cry now you will see me fly,

I had fallen a thousand times, now I will stand tall with a smile,

I will purify myself, I will change!

The time has come for me to rise, to lead, to fly up high,

Nothing distracts me, my goals,my aims calls me!

You little girl! with firey eyes grab my hand and walk with me through the bridge of lies!

Block the negativity inhale the positivity, 

Collect the Manna from the sky, let nature ripe a humane soul in that empty vessel that wishes to strive high,

Be a human not a doll,                                       Be an idol not a God,                                       Be a friend not a cheat,

Be real and show this world what inner cleansing really means,

What you want to see should be applied first on you, don’t be a hypocrite, don’t be a fool! 

Be real, Be you!