“Thank you”

When the world makes you believe you are nothing,  you are worthless, you are lesser than them,

It is God who still believes in you,               He is your shade against the heat,                 He is your shield from the arrows of darkness,                                                         He is the medicine to your pain.                 He is the demon hunter to your demons, 

No one wants to listen to you, It is He who is always available for your crys of despair, It is He who responds without a delay,

We always remember God when we are troubled but we don’t remember him when we are happy,

Thank you God for being my only friend, My partner when I walked the bridge of fire, thank you for being there when nobody else was,

Now I stand tall against the evil, I push it back to hell, to its cave, You can’t touch the one who is blessed, who is loved by Him.

Thank you!

I have conquered my fears, I have pushed the negativities away that were present in me, I am a believer, A faithful believer! 

“Your friend!”

When the world gives up on you,                    I will walk with you in darkness.

When your inner demons come to devour you,                                                                       i will fight with them and shield you from chaos.

When the day seems long and never ending,  I will make it easy with my presence.

When you rock here and there in frustration,                                                          I will hush you down with my melodies,that will lull your demons in a trance, i will cage them so that they will never harm you again.

I will be your protector, I will be your guardian, I will be your friend!

That will stand with you in darkness in complete chaos,                                           Even if I have to sacrifice my peace, i will fight for you,die for you.

I will make you see the light,                      The light that is you my friend, in this not so shiny,dim world

When you forget who you are,                        and lose your identity,                                      i will revive it at any cost,                        Even if I lose mine in between the battle,

Mine gets butchered atleast i will be a Martyr!

i will be your motivator, your mentor, your family, i will be your friend! 

Nothing in return is required,                          I am just a normal girl with a dream to make people believe,

that pain can be healed,                                the wounds can be sealed!

Light exists,                                                       in our hearts,                                                  the right touch can illuminate the snuff out,dampen “fire to life”,