“Little Lass”

What will I be without my scars?,

Without my stains,without my pain,

They tell a story of a little girl,              Delicate as a flower,grown up in a city full of thorns,

An angel with a bright heart,her eyes full of scorching sparks!

A pretty smile plastered on her little face,her voice saying I will win this game!

She knew life was rigged,she knew it was already fixed!

So she did what was in her fragile hands,  she undo the chains with a small jerk of hand, 

It broke into tiny pieces of shattered rules,    she clapped at the sight of her freedom bloom!

Life assaulted the little lass with all it’s might,                                                             with harsh experiences and tainted rights!

She won against all like a warrior out for war!

She wears her scars with magnanimous pride because her scars are a symbol of her being alive!


Shape shifter

We are not what we show,                            We are what we hide,

Buried deep in the desert of the unconsciousness,                                              My mummie rises at night, 

The clock strikes 12:00,                                    It rages from within, 

 When I look at myself in the mirror, I am astonished at my own powers

How I hide the wolf that comes alive at night,  

To devour the lies, To show itself,                To show my reality,

  Beware Newcomers I am not what you think I am,

I am a shapeshifter!                                           I am a human!

With an Angelic face with an empty heart, I glide through your walls like blood after a gash,   

You won’t see me coming, you won’t even know I am there, but I will be present like the sullen air, 

you breathe me in, you breathe me out,I am in your lungs, never doubt!

I can hurt you from inside, be careful who you open up to, 

Sometimes I like borrowing sheep skin to hide myself, just to lure you in, oh baby you don’t know how deep you are in, but when I strike you won’t be able to survive,

I am a wolf, I am a human! 

Don’t be a fool or you will become my meal, my hunger will feast on your stupidity, 

Don’t forget how hard you scheme after all of the hard work you will still remain a sheep!


You heard me cry now you will see me fly,

I had fallen a thousand times, now I will stand tall with a smile,

I will purify myself, I will change!

The time has come for me to rise, to lead, to fly up high,

Nothing distracts me, my goals,my aims calls me!

You little girl! with firey eyes grab my hand and walk with me through the bridge of lies!

Block the negativity inhale the positivity, 

Collect the Manna from the sky, let nature ripe a humane soul in that empty vessel that wishes to strive high,

Be a human not a doll,                                       Be an idol not a God,                                       Be a friend not a cheat,

Be real and show this world what inner cleansing really means,

What you want to see should be applied first on you, don’t be a hypocrite, don’t be a fool! 

Be real, Be you!

“Faithful Hypocrites”

Oh! how we are born magicians,                 We play dirty tricks our entire life,

It is all a mere illusion, our front has a different story to tell,

We fool the world with our tongues, with our smile, with our thoughts,

such hypocisy, such vileness!

The sinner is not a sinner, the innocent is not an innocent!

If you want to know who I really am, hypnotise me, Unconscious is the only place where the monster roams freely, Question it and it will tell you a tale of reality!

When you will come face to face with it, you will forget what death is, what a mask is, what a hypocrite is!

God! I have fooled the world mercilessly, I have put on a show, where the parade of masked souls dance and celebrate honesty, 

Where the Liar is the pious one and the honest one is behind bars or hanged for being honest!

We live on a planet called hypocrisy, we the faithful hypocrites!


He was the man of her dreams,                   He was the shore to her ocean,                    He was the peace to her war,                      He was the cage of her demons,                  He was the love that she never had,

She was the lost forgotten book on his shelf, She was the genre which he never liked,   She was the fly in his soup,                          She was the unwanted crease in his shirt,   She was the love he never wanted.

Both were searching for a partner,

One dwelled upon one sided love, the other in search of love at first sight,                    Both in anticipation, waited for acknowledgement! 

Waited for their other halves to notice!         Love never knocked on their doors,               Cupid watched from the sky, 

Two hearts losing hope!

“Perfect Man”

Last night i had a casual conversation with a friend who I met on one of the social networking sites, the conversation went pretty good then she said one thing after a  while which stirred some emotions in me, I had done some late thinking,the after 12:00 A.M kind of thinking, I am an over thinker so this is one of my talents to think about something deeply, I was totally engrossed in it, an excted to get the final result.

She complained that due to her addiction for romantic things such as novels or movies,  she has quite set a level on which she judged men, she said further that she hasn’t met a single guy in her life with the same qualities of the characters in a book,even one quality that resembles the characters, I quite find it amusing, it gave me an excuse to think, to over think that is, 

well when I started my thought train, I knew it would be a very touchy, tricky ride so I fastened my seat belt tightly and waited for the result and the result came after few hours, when I was about to doze off into another dimension of my dreams, in which I never know what I am trying to do, I am just crazy i’ll admit it, so let’s get started, 

Dear friend, what I concluded is that these characters you see and read are just mere fantasies, they are fake and full of imagination and life is much more than that, life is everything except imagination, when we read these so called romance novels we get our hopes up, the knight in shining armour, prince charming, romeo, even the beast ironially is not portrayed as a beast why didn’t you just eat her man!, okay,that so called perfect man, A human being is full of flaws and I myself am made of flaws, a normal man or woman won’t resemble the person you read or fantasize about, I am not saying we shouldn’t read them, but you should know the different between what is real and what is fake, you should know and always remember I am reading a book, a story, a ride full of imagination, we read them to escape reality now how can I explain this more perfectly, “It is just a story,an escapade from realness” okay no offence to anyone, you want to live in fantasy you can, sometimes I want to too but I know where to stop, a person should be this much mature to know that I won’t find a prince charming but I will find some one more real who would not have a horse but a car, not a castle but a house, will not sing but will work for me to keep his family happy. 

Well have you ever thought why they don’t show the after scenes of marriage in movies because they know it’s totally unrealistic, the man you will get in this world would work for his family’s future, he will think of his future, not like prince charming who gets the girl let’s dance like there is no tomorrow, the end or Fin!

I guess the better thing to do is think without any superficial thoughts, A normal guy won’t have all the qualities but he will have some, same goes for women, He is a human, he will mess up sometimes, but if you really want to know the secret to a happy life, just accept him, true love is when you accept a person with his flaws, scars, his mistakes and believe me that person will turn into a Perfect man for you when you let go the fantasies, 

A perfect man doesn’t exist, the one who loves you, cares for you, sacrifices for you is perfect”

If I discuss what I want in a man, my first priority will be that he should respect women, I can’t tolerate a man who disrespects a woman, you can call me a feminist if you want, but if I respect men why wouldn’t he, If I find one who has this quality I can let go all the other things,  not to forget he should be caring too, these two things “Respect” “Caring” are necessary in my case, I don’t think I am asking for too much, He will get them in return too, “What you give is what you get” 


The cloud of sadness has passed away,       Leaving us in the light of a new start,
We promised each other that we will fight for eachother,                                                 But destiny had a different plan,                You left,i cried,

I murdered my voice that day,                        A mere body with no light,                       With an empty ribcage i stood there,     Waiting for someone to come and say.         “I am here”, Oh these words feel so strange,

A light shone inside me,in my empty ribcage,                                                           The sound of beating surrounded me,

“What is this that i am feeling right now,   You have been betrayed but you are now prepared“,

To challenge the world,to fight for yourself, you dont need a soul mate to make yourself happy,                                                       Everyone is alone child in this vile world, We come alone, we go down alone,

Seperate bodies, seperate hearts,         Seperate feelings, seperate thoughts,   Seperate homes, seperate graves,            Dont fret child cause this is reality!