Curious to know who am I?

Screenshot_2017-06-05-00-48-22Let me write you a poem

Oh! so many asked Why I write?               Oh! so I answered with a smile

Sometimes i write to express,                     Sometimes i write to impress,                    Sometimes to release the pain.                  Sometimes to be One with the pain.

I have lived a thousand lives,                     When i read what was in the lines,           That glittered,shoned and sparkled in the dim light,                                                  Oh! how i was so mesmerized.

Sometimes to cry,                                          Sometimes to fly,                                          Oh! so many asked why i write?,              Sometimes to hide,                                       Sometimes to fight,                                        Sometimes to escape the reality that i life. 

Not everyone will understand the dept of these lines,                                                  Only the ones who have travelled through them in time.

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