Heart: Oh lookey here darling the sun is shining, the world is so pretty, I want to be happy.

Brain: Get back in here! You are not supposed to show yourself, hide before someone sees you.

Heart: But the weather is so fine, I want to play and dance in the rain, oh I see some one coming, let me say hi brain please, I promise I will be nice, let me talk to them.

Brain: No! Get back in your rib cage or else! 

Heart(sobbing): You are so mean, you never let me do anything and you have locked me in a cage, it’s so small when I beat, I always get rubbed against it.

Brain (Alerted): HIDE! I will distract them.

Chameleons: Hi!  I smell feelings.

Brain (sweating): What are you talking about you darn hypocrites leave me alone or I will give you fake threats and insults that will haunt you forever.

Chameleons: NO! not fake threats and loaded insults , we will act like we are hurt and name you a selfish self absorbed wannabe and call you an anti social Psychopath then society will hate you, even if they follow your footsteps, cause society is never wrong.

Brain: Ha! Call me what you want, I need a heart to care, my human’s ribcage is empty as our politician’s mind. You can’t do anything to me.

Chameleons: what about your future? Brain you think you know everything, let heart rule, human will be happy and we can easily feed on heart’s misery.

Body: As long as brain is in charge I am strong, don’t act like you care, you just want me to believe you so you can kill my innocence but I know how to play.

Chameleons: Society will never accept you. (walks away) 

Heart: Are they gone?

Brain: yes for now

Heart: oh! You were right brain, they wanted to devour me, break me, it’s better if I stay in my cage.

Brain: I told you but you didn’t listen, if you had , our human would still be happy and not a victim of complex. He would have lived his own way not the way society decided for him.

Heart: I am sorry I just listen to everything, I get happy by fake compliments and I get sad when they belittle me and I know they do that cause they are miserable but what can I do I am a heart.

Brain: Yeah we cant change that, let me handle the situations next time alright, go sleep.

Body: I don’t know why brain and heart fight so often, well if I can survive this war that’s raging within me, I can also survive the outer chaos. I feel strong and weak at the same time, must be the mixed emotions. Oh well. 



Will you marry me?, a boy with messy blonde hair asked,while benting on one knee.

“Yes,yes” a girl with flaming brown eyes replied while covering her mouth,her hair cascaded magnificently on her back,like a forest in fall,

He lifted her up,twirled her,her flaming eyes mixed with his Azure ocean,

“I love you Jhon ..”

“John wake up“, a woman in a simple grey dress asked.

A man in an ocean of files,closes his eyes and rubs his face,

“You were dreaming about her weren’t you?” she asked, her steel grey eyes threatning him.

He moved and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry, like you said, i was dreaming and dreams don’t come true”.

“Masquerade Ball”

Lets take part in this masquerade ball,
When a child is born he is already playing along, 

He deceives with his fake cry, 

And the world plays along,

My! how a person has a closet full of faces,

They laugh on one hand,

And stab you on the other,

They peel off their layers in the depths of the night,

So no one can notice, that they are demons from inside,

With blazing eyes and tortured souls,

With an aim in mind, 

To deceive the world,

Because that was all they were ever taught before.

***** ****** ****** ******

To put on a face 

And pretend you are happy 

Just play along love,

Caz it is a masquerade party..

What you see is a lie,

Don’t ask me why,

Just put on a mask,

And put on a show, 

They want to see, 

How you torture a soul.

Don’t be gentle,

They like drama,

But not that hard,

Beware of karma.

“Cry Of A BrokenAngel”

How cruel can life be?

Have you ever tried to calculate the total depth of life’s cruelty,no because simply we can’t.When we think that we are on the last level of Chaos,life gives you an extra level and spits at your face and says that “it was only a warm up“.You begin to fight,you want life to follow your rules,but life has it’s own tricks up it’s sleeve.Life is a murderer,it is blood thirsty,it is venomous,it puts innocent people’s life in great peril,the strong one survives,the weak ones signs the deal to the devil named Life,Life enjoys being a Puppeteer and innocent souls his puppets.

“Cry of an Angel”
I have always done good but why I am the one always being punished,why is life so torturing,my heart is bruised.I am tired,I help everyone,why no hand is raised for me when I need help,I give up my dreams,but why I am still the one being called selfish,If I don’t properly feed my pet why am I hurriedly given the award of “your child will die of hunger“,even if I do support my family,why am I called “heartless”and”self absorbed”,why don’t they see what I do for them,sometimes I want to run away but I don’t have any place to go,I try to convince,I am strong but deep inside I know,I don’t have any other option and if I had any option,I would have left years ago,I pray to God to tell me,the facade I show to the world,is it real? or is it fake? if it is fake,then rip it off my face and burn me as i have betrayed and made fool of the people who think I am noble,rip my heart and stab it again and again as a punishment of being a hypocrite,I beg for mercy,but I am desperate,to question my own self because the people who really know me says “I am FAKE” they say I don’t stand up for them,but do they stand up for me.I read somewhere “A person is not what he shows,a person is in reality what he hides”.Was my kindness all this time a mere camefloge for the demon that I really am,have I been living in a fantasy where I thought I was noble,I was honourable.Was it all “A BIG FAT lie”,I see my people fighting,I don’t know whose side to take,I don’t know who is right or who is wrong? They fight as if it is for fun,they want to make each other suffer,rip eachother’s honour like shredded clothes from the body,I am tired of stopping them,I want them to end it for once and for all,I want them gone but I know I am scared that one day God will listen to me and take away the noise and suffering,but after when it’s gone I will want it back,but the only thing I will be offered is complete silence!,The silence I wished for but never asked for.It will be a gift to me by “The devil Life”
Written as per request by a friend.                 “The dark reality of life”

“Drama Queen”


I am tired of all the drama.                                                                                                                   I know it will only bring me trauma,

But somehow, i end up going back to the hell,that i want to forget,

I feel it surrounds me,                                                                                                                            I feel it is latched to my bod,                                                                                                                I sometimes see it’s silhouette,                                                                                                            In the mirror behind my bed.

Enjoying the torture,it’s making me suffer,

I try to stand but it pushes me back,                                                                                                   taunts me,teases me,bashes me in the head.

Soon it get’s tired and walks away,                                                                                                      stops in the middle and says,

“I will be back”.