My Little Secret

I will paint the sky red for you,                         I will paint the sea black,                        Colors got darker when you and I met!


Birds started to cry,                                    Wind started to sing,                                      We created our own symphonies when we walked across hell..

All the demons started to cheer for our happy ending,                                                   You and I hand in hand wrote our own happy ending!
The sky was at our feet,the sea above our heads,                                                               we hovered in mid air away from all the stares,

You believed in me,I believed in you,            We were us against the world,             leaving everyone in shocking gloom,

“dare say tell us little lass your little secret”,          “It won’t be a secret if I tell you”


“Wanderer’s dream”

His storm of a heart,                                   Was put to rest by her rainbow of touch,

She became his identity, his personality,    He was made entirely of her,

When he spoke her thoughts were spoken, When he smiled her passion was seen, When he walked, she was like his shadow, When he cried she crawled out from his eyes as tears,

She became his everything,                           She was the dream he dreamed every night,              Not to touch,only to keep,                           Her memories were his favorite muse!

she was his escape, she was his fantasy, she was his reality.

She was only present in his dreams, keeping an eye on him, guiding him through the rough routes of the journey,

she was his prayer, she was his guardian angel,                                                              that looked from the above over her misguided, often misunderstood wanderer.

She was the path, he was a wanderer!           He was her angel often misunderstood by the cruel world as a demon with wings.

His wings were darkened by the fights he fought for her against the world,                    

Strange! the one who is lost forever guides the living one and the one who lives, is a mere empty vessel seeking refuge in the wings of the lost soldier!

Seeking refuge in the lost world!

“The Battle Of Love”

It’s easy to walk away,but you will be coming back,
You can run, you can hide,but you can’t escape my love, cant escape my passion,can’t escape my desire!

I am a tornado of magic,you can’t detangle yourself from my clutches, you are caged in my heart, 

I bewitch, summon my people,all your roads will lead back to me,cause I am the only one that can calm the storm in your bod, 

I can heal it, I can light it on fire.                    I am the healer,I am the punisher, I am in Control!

You will run but only to come back again, My words are like magic, my touch is like a drug!

My love you are my everything,                      We are a mess but a beautiful one!                Together no power can harm us but sadly we can destroy each other, devour each other, end each other!

They say they want to play this love game, but are they willing to sacrifice themselves for eachother, are they willing to sign the deed to the devil “LOVE“,

This showdown of two souls, this heartbreaking battle, can you play it, one wrong move you can end up in flames, in the flames of love, betrayal, heartbreak.

The end game doesn’t have a time, it can happen at any hour, second, minute, but when it happens everything burns down in ashes, no escape, just a tragic death, you live but with an empty soul seeking refuge or love, The love you will want but never get!  

But if you succeed you will be on cloud Nine, you will have someone to love you, to care for you, some one who trusts you, will die for you, someone who will fight daily for you and shield you from the darkness in the morning, some one who will be your number one!

What is exactly a love story? 

WE always get inspired by love stories like romeo and juliet, Cinderella or sleeping beauty, we like to fantasize about that perfect love, but to tell you the truth,love isn’t perfect at all, it is made up of two imperfect souls trying to make the best of the worst situations, they fight for each other, they vow to protect each other,no matter how many times they put knives in each other’s back but they know they always got each other’s back, they are strong together, they are bruised,engulfed in total disaster, but they survive it together.

Love stories we read that are in books are there for a reason, just to entertain us, give us false hope, life isn’t that simple, love has a cost,you can’t just win, without even taking part in the battle, you must fight for each other, “I” should disappear it should be “us” or “we”. Not everyone can live a love story, cause it comes at a cost you cry, you fall, you get up, you drown, you try again, you fail, you succeed, you lose, you win. Love is like a never ending roller coaster going through sharp turns, loops, sometimes it slow downs and sometimes it gets fast, sometimes you are standing at the peak and you know there is no going back,only going forward, but this ride has two seats, one for you and one for your partner, sometimes you will get scared and hold his hand and sometimes he will hold yours so you won’t fall, it is a balance of compromise and sacrifice.Do you think you are ready to sit on this roller coaster forever? with the same person on the same seat. sometimes you won’t like the view or what comes after it,what life has to offer you or maybe a difficult challenge and sometimes you will want to step off and end it completely but when you look at the person sitting next to you smiling and supporting you, you will turn the whole world around for them, you will rage war for them, you will devour anyone who tries to harm your partner, you will feel that they bring out the monster in you, they cause you to spread havoc and you will think they are your destruction. a messep up, but calming destruction, the destruction that can be created by them and put at rest only by them.

Life will bomb you with problems, will push you to the limits, it will test you, you will have to make sacrifices big or small doesn’t matter, it will drown you in stress, sometimes create misunderstandings, fights will occur, harsh words,  broken promises, some dreams left untouched, some heart breakes, you will fall but only to be pulled back up by your partner and they will say snap out of it,”we are not going down this easily”, you will have battle scars, like i read somewhere “A warrior is nothing without his battle scars”, you want to win, taste victory, be brave but are you willing to get these scars on your body tattooed permanently, 

Those scars are your medals,wear them and stand tall, show the world what a real love story is, if not for yourself then for your partner, give hope to this world that love stories are not always shiny,sparkly, sugar coated beautiful, it is ugly yet powerful. It is real.

This work is written for my parents who today 19 June 17 are celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary, silver jubilee yay!, I have seen them go through alot together and they fought the wars bravely and honourably. Love you both. You guys are my inspiration!  

“Two halves one whole”

His eyes her lips,                                             her eyes his lips

His smile her laugh,                                      Her smile his laugh

His hand her waist,                                      Her hand his chest

His ring her finger,                                         Her demands his promises

His surname her family,                              Her shelter his honour 

Two bodies one soul,                                   Two halves one whole