“My Life Line”

How overwhelming is the feeling of goodbye, 

I am two and a half year away from closing my university journey, it’s a really long time, I know you must think that but do ponder on the notion that the thing you did two months ago felt like you did it yesterday, it just gives me the chills. 

My best friend and I started our journey together, but suddenly she is having a change of mind, she wants to do her Masters in some other field, she is not feeling it, the spark that is.

Me and my bestfriend are total opposites. if I say I am a night owl she is an early bird, she prefers hot beverages, I on the other hand am Elsa’s cousin, cold as Ice haha, it was a joke, I am sensitive she is as solid as a rock, sometimes I envy her “I don’t give a damn” attitude, but she is my sweetheart, I still love her, I want her to stay so badly, I want to see us both completing the same journey together, us against the world, too cheesy, yeah I know, I can’t help it, 

But we all know I have to let go at some point, I have to move on, she will do whats right for her and I will do whats right for me, maybe these few months are our last ones together, clock is ticking and I know it surely won’t stop for me.

I don’t like ending things, why do we have to end everything?, why can’t it just flow like the river or exist forever like time?, why does our moments fade away, why do they end up in our pile of memories?, 

I know these questions are weird, probably even irrelevant, It’s like I am asking why can’t I stay forever young?, right. yeah, Well surely I will survive this like I have done a thousand times in my life, it’s a huge and necessary part of life, everything has to end,

Your fears, your dreams, your hopes everything, one day everything will perish, 

“veil of nothingness will cover us up until there is nothing but darkness, calming darkness that will snuff out the candle of life from our souls not because we sinned but because of our completed journey, time is up and we have to leave”,

Our last journey will end too but this journey will not stir my heart,  It will fill my veins with calmness and I will say,

“I have done it, I have completed my quest, I have discovered myself, it was not only a physical journey but an insightful one indeed, and as I leave this dusty peice of a land that we call earth I leave with my true self, I leave with a thousand memories, I leave with a thousand hugs and kisses, I leave with a thousand blessings, I leave with my experiences and their impact on other people, if not people then atleast my family, my siblings, my children, my grand children, my neighbours, my students, my colleages, my friends, my life line”.

“I leave with satisfaction”

Never forget that even if you did nothing in your life you did something, your presence was important and you have left your mark on this land and it makes a difference, a huge difference, believe in yourself! 


“Farewell Friend”

Alas! Good bye knocked again on my door this evening, what a surprise!

I had hid the welcome mat from it but still it found it from the ashes of the remaining pieces that I burned, restored it, placed it back on my door step, 

I swinged my door open in hope for a new welcome but sadly it was another goodbye!

Farewell my friend, May you soar high and make your place among the stars on the beautiful aerial blue sky,

You have left me saddened but I will survive, I will move on and Pray that you rise high!,

Good byes are a part of life but they still make me cry but what can I say I am still a human not to mention sensitive from the inside, 

I am a girl with passion in my veins, Love running in place of blood, invisible wings made of fire.

A fire that keeps me running that keeps me fueled up to survive life.

Farewell mate, May you win all the battles of your life!

May you never fall and if you fall you stand back up again stronger than before,

Atleast this time it gave me a chance to say good bye, I am happy that we ended our story with a smile!, we will move on with our life, you will lead your road, I will lead mine but don’t forget my friend that we will still be friends forever even when we die!

Farewell my friend, this is our last good bye! 

This work is dedicated to my pal Diganta Misra thank you for your friendship mate! I will always remember you, you were one of my first friends in this blog world, now you are leaving your blogging world, it’s sad but this is a part of life.

I had coined a phrase that I gifted you “Cherry in the strawberry field” that is as unique as you, now I wrote a farewell post for you, so you will take beautiful memories with you on your journey! take good care of it Diganta! Good bye 😥