“Lost Soul”

To be lost is a blessing,                                   To be care free,                                                To be ignorant,

What does a man with a present mind has except worries and troubles,                        The perks of being a lost soul calls me, it pulls me in,

It shows me the perks as a dish on a silver platter, It wants me to join the Land of the lost souls,

Oh what have I gained from being a realist! 

Except sorrows and pains,                        Heart breaks and betrayal,                 Sadness and depression,

Oh How I wish I was lost!                           How I wish I was free, How I wish I had wings that would transit me to the other world,the world of the lost,

To escape the prison of reality, to be a member of Fantasy,

The goblins of reality haunts the poor realist souls but the angels of fantasy/Ignorance sprinkle some magic in our path,

And we sometimes drift to greatness,        We indulge in Peace as we stand in the middle of war,                                                  In the storm untouched by lightning,       Stay afloat on the sea of destruction. 


“The fearsome soldiers”

You can’t challenge fate or Destiny,          My success is engraved in the stars up above, 

No human soul can harm me, I receive my powers from the stars, the planets are my mentors, the sun is my guardian,

The moon is my saviour that always lightup my dark world, I see my self in light, while the whole world drowns in the ocean of shadowiness,murkiness, bathe in the water of destruction.

The hours of darkness has no power upon me, I am untouchable, the vile creatures lurking in the dark, try to pull me in but they get burn by my light,

by my fire,

by my passion,

by my desire,

they are afraid to challenge me,

As i dwell upon the souls who murder innocence, 

I am the warrior sent from above to eliminate darkness, come join me, let us shine bright like the lanterns of hope and create an army of knights.

The fearsome soldiers to the destruction lovers, let us end them once and for all.


Heart: Oh lookey here darling the sun is shining, the world is so pretty, I want to be happy.

Brain: Get back in here! You are not supposed to show yourself, hide before someone sees you.

Heart: But the weather is so fine, I want to play and dance in the rain, oh I see some one coming, let me say hi brain please, I promise I will be nice, let me talk to them.

Brain: No! Get back in your rib cage or else! 

Heart(sobbing): You are so mean, you never let me do anything and you have locked me in a cage, it’s so small when I beat, I always get rubbed against it.

Brain (Alerted): HIDE! I will distract them.

Chameleons: Hi!  I smell feelings.

Brain (sweating): What are you talking about you darn hypocrites leave me alone or I will give you fake threats and insults that will haunt you forever.

Chameleons: NO! not fake threats and loaded insults , we will act like we are hurt and name you a selfish self absorbed wannabe and call you an anti social Psychopath then society will hate you, even if they follow your footsteps, cause society is never wrong.

Brain: Ha! Call me what you want, I need a heart to care, my human’s ribcage is empty as our politician’s mind. You can’t do anything to me.

Chameleons: what about your future? Brain you think you know everything, let heart rule, human will be happy and we can easily feed on heart’s misery.

Body: As long as brain is in charge I am strong, don’t act like you care, you just want me to believe you so you can kill my innocence but I know how to play.

Chameleons: Society will never accept you. (walks away) 

Heart: Are they gone?

Brain: yes for now

Heart: oh! You were right brain, they wanted to devour me, break me, it’s better if I stay in my cage.

Brain: I told you but you didn’t listen, if you had , our human would still be happy and not a victim of complex. He would have lived his own way not the way society decided for him.

Heart: I am sorry I just listen to everything, I get happy by fake compliments and I get sad when they belittle me and I know they do that cause they are miserable but what can I do I am a heart.

Brain: Yeah we cant change that, let me handle the situations next time alright, go sleep.

Body: I don’t know why brain and heart fight so often, well if I can survive this war that’s raging within me, I can also survive the outer chaos. I feel strong and weak at the same time, must be the mixed emotions. Oh well. 


Will you marry me?, a boy with messy blonde hair asked,while benting on one knee.

“Yes,yes” a girl with flaming brown eyes replied while covering her mouth,her hair cascaded magnificently on her back,like a forest in fall,

He lifted her up,twirled her,her flaming eyes mixed with his Azure ocean,

“I love you Jhon ..”

“John wake up“, a woman in a simple grey dress asked.

A man in an ocean of files,closes his eyes and rubs his face,

“You were dreaming about her weren’t you?” she asked, her steel grey eyes threatning him.

He moved and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry, like you said, i was dreaming and dreams don’t come true”.

“Masquerade Ball”

Lets take part in this masquerade ball,
When a child is born he is already playing along, 

He deceives with his fake cry, 

And the world plays along,

My! how a person has a closet full of faces,

They laugh on one hand,

And stab you on the other,

They peel off their layers in the depths of the night,

So no one can notice, that they are demons from inside,

With blazing eyes and tortured souls,

With an aim in mind, 

To deceive the world,

Because that was all they were ever taught before.

***** ****** ****** ******

To put on a face 

And pretend you are happy 

Just play along love,

Caz it is a masquerade party..

What you see is a lie,

Don’t ask me why,

Just put on a mask,

And put on a show, 

They want to see, 

How you torture a soul.

Don’t be gentle,

They like drama,

But not that hard,

Beware of karma.