Sometimes the one who always is the shoulder to cry on, needs a shoulder himself/herself, needs a friend, needs a buddy, needs a person who will listen but I don’t trust anyone anymore! how will I cope with all of this pent up emotions now, even if I do want to share I can’t, my mind won’t let me, exhausted I stand here looking for a solution, giving up I head back to my loneliness who open handedly waits for me to embrace it, It comforts me,hushes me and say “I knew you will be back” 
Sometimes I feel strange, I am the most optimistic person you will ever find, over optimistic to be exact,

But sometimes you will also find me lurking in my darkness, in my isolation, I dont expect anyone to come and save me, sometimes my stronger side leaves me alone and I struggle to survive but sometimes i enjoy this isolation!

I am pretty happy, satisfied, content with my life but why do I feel as if something is missing,sometimes I feel it’s emptiness, like I am missing a puzzle piece, but I only feel it when I am weird, sitting on an emotional rollercoaster, I am on this ride for two days and I really want to get off it, wishing my sane, emotionally stable self take its place back, because I don’t want to handle all of this anxious, agitated feeling in me, I want my rested, composed self back. 

I think I will never get my answer, Its I guess just a thing that comes with being a human package,  “Be a human get this weird abnoxious feeling free, you are happy, everything is going great but you will still feel something is missing”, perks of being a human, yay!

I always share my optimistic side, the one which is always full of life and passion, I thought why not write something when you feel not like your usual self, 

It’s okay sometimes the strongest players feel stressed and they need a rest from all of it, you don’t always have to be or act like you are strong, it’s okay to be not sure, it’s okay to feel human!

I will be back with my strong side soon, one bad chapter doesn’t make the whole book horrible, if I have one bad then thousand good, I am smart enough to know that I will be fine tomorrow, cheers, it will pass, it always does!


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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