“The child of Isolation”

Loneliness can be cruel but sometimes an escapage,

From the reality to fantasy,                     From the darkness to light,                      From aims to dreams,                               From war to peace,                                     From hate to love,

Loneliness is freedom, a resting place for wit, a hidden passage from war, an escapage from reality,

“When the world scares you, loneliness embraces you”.

I am One with loneliness, I accepted it, it vowed to protect me from loaden guns that is a mouth, from bullets that are lies, from missiles that are heart breaks, from rusty sword that is betrayal, 

Loneliness my shield against the evil! against the world!, 

A mess born in isolation, a masterpiece created by the lonely demon, his friend, world’s enemy, his innocent follower, his honor, The naive Child nurtured by the demon Isolation!

Taught by an angel who protects the naive souls from rupture, from destruction.


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

16 thoughts on ““The child of Isolation””

    1. haha thank you so much for your concern Benjamin i am great to tell you the truth, never better like i said in my blog a single bad day cannot harm me. I stand tall more stronger than yesterday
      i hope you like it by the way, and thank you again, cheers!

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      1. Ah Gotcha. That’s good XD

        It was certainly unique. I like the writing for sure, super creative and the whole site’s look fits it all. You did a really good job making them all fit together in this style 😉

        Should you ever feel like talking about issues or anything though? Know that you can always check in with me or any one from the PBIY community, yeah?

        Don’t suffer alone in silence!

        Your pal,


      2. Thank you so much Benjamin you are really sweet, it really meant alot to me, your words are forever engraved in my heart, i will surely reach out if i feel my unusual self back haha, but i hope the monster never wakes up 😀 haha, thank you once again for the compliments, Peace!

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      3. Indeed but gotta keep in mind as well-

        When the monster awakens, it’s a sign that something is wrong somewhere OR it’s a sign for change/ growth.

        Maybe the monster is there because something is keeping it there? Perhaps it doesn’t want to be there but has no choice due to specific person / mentality / object in your environment?

        Like how Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern (Hope you know who he is, he’s a super hero lol) when he puts on his GL ring, he becomes a superhero. When he takes it off, he’s just a normal individual.

        He keeps the ring around so that he can transform into the hero.

        For most of our cases, instead of hero, we become something lesser. But of course, it’s hard to say eh?

        For myself, I remember when I was down, I’d be attracted to things that would keep me down like drowning myself with media that shares my pain, sad music, angry music etc.

        It makes me feel better but doesn’t help make things change. Worst part is- I know it doesn’t help make things different lol!
        But it did make me feel better so that’s still something. If I want a more permanent solution though?

        A lifestyle re-examination and reorganization is definitely necessary. Ahh… Troubled times… XD

        That said, I’m glad you’re open to my comments and hey, just remember, you don’t have to be alone, yeah? 😉

        Peace to you and your readers too!

        Your pal,

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      4. Indeed you are right Benjamin, monsters are caused by someone or something but my monster is tamed it gets furious sometimes but i know how to control it, hahah yes i know who green lantern is hah, i really appreciate your words, have an awesome day. if you mate wanna talk sometimes you know where to find me, cheers!

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  1. The poem captures something deep inside me we all have had our shares of isolation and although we have despied it in the beginning the time that we give to ourselves helps us in a great way to be ourself.Loneliness can be a a good teacher you sure find in boring in the beginning but when you start paying attention it teaches you alot.
    But don’t let it be the space where you remind yourselves of your troubles but a place where tou count your blessings. If you have any trouble feel free to communicate dialouge always points way to solutions.
    Lovely poem look forward to seeing much more.

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    1. thank you so much you really have understood what i tried to portray through my poem, i really appreciate your compliments, you have greatly scrutinize this piece i am really flattered ! yes you are right loneliness is a blessing too it helps us ignite with ourselves, it highlights what we really are, we should try to dwell upon it in positivity rather than in negativity, cheers!

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      1. It’s my pleasure honestly a talented poet makes their reader underatnd the depth of emotions and experineces of a lifetime in a few words . It’s all you not me all it takes is for someone to take a moment of their time and try to understand a work of a poet who puts their soul into each line.

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      2. Thank you so much, i am just speechless by your compliments, i don’t even know how to thank you, your words has just stopped me completely ❤❤ you are too kind, i am completely tongue tied, have a lovely day!

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  2. Usually loneliness is misinterpreted as a negative thing. I love loneliness, it gives you time to think, to evaluate what you are doing with out distractions, and to selfexplore. Im a father of two girls a 6 year old and a 7 month toddler. As you can imagine my loneliness is gone but I like to take small amounts of it every time I can so I can reconect with my inner self.
    Great piece btw. looking forward for your next entry

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    1. Hello sir it’s a pleasure reading your comment, yes i agree with you completely. It is important for a person to be alone sometimes it helps us to relax, think and discover who we are, who can know us better than ourselves, thank you for the compliment, your words really mean alot to me, have a great day!


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