You think you can bring me down,       break me into pieces,                               insult me or degrade me,

shower me with your hate, drown me in your poisonous cauldron, stir and stir until my bones are soaked in venomous hate!

I am stronger than before your hate storm can not harm me, destroy me,                        I have sheilded my heart from your black, dark,ruthless actions!,

You will push me down but I will bodyslam you to the ground in return, you will shoot arrows as if you are on a shooting spree, but these arrows will burn up, turn into ashes before they can reach me, my passionate, lively, adrenaline rushed veins will create a wind of destruction for your actions,

I break the chains one by one, you stand there dumbfounded as I soar up high into the sky, levitate into greatness, untoucableness.

People will follow my lead, I will guide them into the world of peace and calmness, they ask me how do you survive it? 

I only survived it, when i discovered that i have to fight or go down, bow down in front of them, accept my defeat but I was never taught to give up, to surrender, I will never back down, even if I die fighting but I will never!

let you control me, cage me, convert me into your minion,

cause I was not born to follow,I was born to lead

You can’t control me I am way stronger than you think, the hell itself is scared to release its demon upon me, cause I am made of light that guide the misguided, help the helpless, give hope to the hopeless, I am the silent prayer whispered by them for protection,  now I am here to fight, Vengence is in my blood,

To punish the wrong doers, merciless, I will hang the sinners, cause they destroyed our innocence! I will take revenge!



Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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