“Stop and Think”

One day everyone has to die, the feeling is quite overwhelming, your entire life you are a part of an extravagant race in which there are a thousand hurdles, loops even slips, sometimes the road will be smooth and sometimes it will feel like it never ends. 

you run and run and run, first for your life then for yourself and then for your family and your future, you just run.

Then after you have ran a marathon and almost touched the finish line, you look back to see how far you have come but only to realize how much you have missed,

so stop for a moment and breathe, relax and smile, cherish your life because you only live once, laugh and smile with your family, spent time alone. just you and your thoughts, reminisce back to your childhood memories, be happy, be blessed.

Because someday you are going to miss all of it and will regret it, that you had the chance to live but you put it aside for worldly desires for a better life, this notion “better life” has in my opinion misguided many people, you are living a better life just stop and think, don’t throw away something for something you want now, be happy with what you have.

Every one has dreams and goals I do too but I don’t let my goals take all my energy, I save it for my family, for my happiness, I save it for today, 

Sometimes it’s good to only think about the present, not about your past nor your future. 

respect and appreciate what you have, it will make your road to victory much easier,

Cheers friends!, I hope you make it through the day with a smile, May you stay calm and happy because happiness matters.


“Wanderer’s dream”

His storm of a heart,                                   Was put to rest by her rainbow of touch,

She became his identity, his personality,    He was made entirely of her,

When he spoke her thoughts were spoken, When he smiled her passion was seen, When he walked, she was like his shadow, When he cried she crawled out from his eyes as tears,

She became his everything,                           She was the dream he dreamed every night,              Not to touch,only to keep,                           Her memories were his favorite muse!

she was his escape, she was his fantasy, she was his reality.

She was only present in his dreams, keeping an eye on him, guiding him through the rough routes of the journey,

she was his prayer, she was his guardian angel,                                                              that looked from the above over her misguided, often misunderstood wanderer.

She was the path, he was a wanderer!           He was her angel often misunderstood by the cruel world as a demon with wings.

His wings were darkened by the fights he fought for her against the world,                    

Strange! the one who is lost forever guides the living one and the one who lives, is a mere empty vessel seeking refuge in the wings of the lost soldier!

Seeking refuge in the lost world!