Everbody is fighting a war,

As a sole surviver trodding down the hell road,

he fights,he dodges,he wins against the Hell Gods,

If you want to know the depth of my problems,stare in my eyes,

As you would see what I have been through and what have I conquered, my eyes never lie!

To assume One is not fighting a war as fierce as yours is a crime,

Cause if you ever be placed in someone else’s shoes, you would return them back to it’s owner and say May God give you strength,

Every one is fighting a battle, every one is on a different level, fighting with different monsters, trying to survive life.

Every man for himself, it’s the survival of the fittest. 

My eyes are like the mirror that reflects my inner self but it is also a dungeon for my blood thirsty demons that try to run away and spread havoc.

War for peace! War for a cause! 


“The child of Isolation”

Loneliness can be cruel but sometimes an escapage,

From the reality to fantasy,                     From the darkness to light,                      From aims to dreams,                               From war to peace,                                     From hate to love,

Loneliness is freedom, a resting place for wit, a hidden passage from war, an escapage from reality,

“When the world scares you, loneliness embraces you”.

I am One with loneliness, I accepted it, it vowed to protect me from loaden guns that is a mouth, from bullets that are lies, from missiles that are heart breaks, from rusty sword that is betrayal, 

Loneliness my shield against the evil! against the world!, 

A mess born in isolation, a masterpiece created by the lonely demon, his friend, world’s enemy, his innocent follower, his honor, The naive Child nurtured by the demon Isolation!

Taught by an angel who protects the naive souls from rupture, from destruction.