“Degree In Hand”

Sometimes growing up feels like I am moving forward,
Sometimes it feels like I am closer to death,

Sometimes it highlights my body with unknown sensations of positivity, negativity or nega-positive feelings, 

My heart beats like a drum, my mind flows like a drape in windy weather, 

My goals want me to soar high but still I feel very far from the beautiful aerial sky,

As we grow up suddenly I feel like my positivity is fading away, as I stand face to face with life!

with a degree in hand I stand there with jocund, aesthetic feelings looking far from where I stand,

picturizing my future as magnificent as I dreamt it would be!

Oh! the sorcery of reality that had summoned me when I was young has dismissed me now as I stand here degree in my hand,

Just me and my degree isolated from the rest!

Why do I still feel like I am standing at the same mount from where I started to trek!

“I stand alone Degree in hand”