“The Battle Of Love”

It’s easy to walk away,but you will be coming back,
You can run, you can hide,but you can’t escape my love, cant escape my passion,can’t escape my desire!

I am a tornado of magic,you can’t detangle yourself from my clutches, you are caged in my heart, 

I bewitch, summon my people,all your roads will lead back to me,cause I am the only one that can calm the storm in your bod, 

I can heal it, I can light it on fire.                    I am the healer,I am the punisher, I am in Control!

You will run but only to come back again, My words are like magic, my touch is like a drug!

My love you are my everything,                      We are a mess but a beautiful one!                Together no power can harm us but sadly we can destroy each other, devour each other, end each other!

They say they want to play this love game, but are they willing to sacrifice themselves for eachother, are they willing to sign the deed to the devil “LOVE“,

This showdown of two souls, this heartbreaking battle, can you play it, one wrong move you can end up in flames, in the flames of love, betrayal, heartbreak.

The end game doesn’t have a time, it can happen at any hour, second, minute, but when it happens everything burns down in ashes, no escape, just a tragic death, you live but with an empty soul seeking refuge or love, The love you will want but never get!  

But if you succeed you will be on cloud Nine, you will have someone to love you, to care for you, some one who trusts you, will die for you, someone who will fight daily for you and shield you from the darkness in the morning, some one who will be your number one!


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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