Watch me as I soar through the sky,

My blazing wings of passion spreaded in the wind like shelter for those who need it,

My desire filled eyes, glaring down my enemies, they watch me as I rise, 

Back from the ruins to take revenge, to show what they thought was a mere drizzle was a storm in disguise,

They tried to chain me down, they try their very best to trap me, cage me but like the Phoenix I rise , 

Their horrified faces when i break free and rise high from the depths of destruction, 

Stand tall against the evil, against the chaos,

The macabre expression on their face, the fire in my eyes, i stood up for myself

I prayed to be saved but no answer, so I became my own hero, my own protector,my own guardian, 

I was born a hero, I wouldn’t go down without a fight,

You want war,you raged it when you challenged me, when you challenged a woman!

The beast inside me opened it’s eyes the day you threathed me, try to break me, 

I am a woman,I am a beast,I am magnanimous,

I can lead with pride, I can create my own army, an army as strong as an earthquake, as deep and disastrous as a tsunami,

My caged monster is free and alive, Let’s see how you win against a determined, high willed woman, a woman who build herself up from pieces, a woman born in chaos, a woman who fights with demons of the days and nights daily, bravely. A woman who will rip you apart if you dare do harm to her family. A woman, a warrior created by life. 

Never surrender, fight till the end. Her power, her confidence, her intelligence is her beauty, Never taught to give up by her Mentors, 

Fight for yourself, for your people, fight for anyone who seeks help and refuge in your wings of protection, Fight!!! 



Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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