“Our Never Ending Love”

THE STORM outside the house mirrored the storm raging in his head, 
His hands were bleeding so as his heart, pieces of glass shattered,scattered on the polished,black marble floor,told his story of the war that took place few minutes ago, 

His tuxedo half ripped, his ruffled jet black hair,his deep breathing,scent of blood,cologne,rain mixed into a deadly aroma surrounding the hazard area around him, his glare set on the wall, his eyes empty filled with blood lust lost in another dimension, bottle of champagne standing tall on the counter provoking him, to do it, 

A gun resting on his knee, the smell of gun fire still present, he stands and walks towards the window, 

I told you, no one loves you the way i love you” he smiled, her beautiful skin colored dress bathed in blood, her hair messed up,scattered on the floor with her gorgeous body, he admired her beauty, even when he pushed her, bashed her head on the table,her blood soaked skin,she is still irresistible to him, he sat on his knee and picked her up bridal style, her body lying limply in his hands, he places her on the bed and kisses her, “I stopped time for you my love, our anniversary, our love will always have the same passion and desire now, Our never ending love”

I still remember your horrified expression when you saw me with her, you ran, i cornered you, then that happen, you still tried to run, so i pointed it towards you and pulled the trigger”,

“Jordan please i love you”                                 “I love you too Ameliawas my last words, 

He took his cigar out,lighted it up,puffed three two times, smiled.

Our never ending love”


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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