“Queen of hearts”

Her skin was like velvet, draped in perfection,
Her hair waves of deep,dark ocean,drowning innocent souls,

Her eyes whirlpool of destruction, the blazing fire in her eyes incinerated her prey alive, 

caged inside her beauty, her slaves hypnotized, put in a trance,

she bewitched them one by one just by a mere touch, 

Her touch,her hand where ever it roamed around the flesh, left blazing sensations,

left a mark,no one survived her witchery, she dwelled upon their desire for false love,

she betrayed, she played, she was mischevous,

It doesn’t matter they say,as long as she is beautiful,she can devour them,she was irresistible!

she commited crime like a religious ritual performed by a believer for the love of his God,she sacrificed her slaves, to please her lover “The devil”,

He didn’t care, he was surrouded by Goddesses of beauty and lust, 

She vowed to rip him apart piece by piece, if he ever touch another woman, to her he was her God, her King, but to him she was a whore, his pet, he knew he had control over her, he was proud, he was foolish, unaware of her cruel acts, her storm of revenge,

And so he underestimated the power of the devil woman, he met his fate, she ripped his heart and crushed it beneath her feet infront of his mistresses, they screamed,they cry, they plead:”oh please have mercy!”

The world was tramatized how can she kill her love mercilessly, she worshipped him, she loved him,

but there was one thing more important than him to her,

 her respect, her ego,her pride. she smiled and dethroned the king, no regret on her beautiful face, no tears,no feelings just emptiness,

There stood a woman in black gown, a nightmare dressed as a daydream upon the mount of hearts and souls, even the hell feared her, 

She was broken but powerful,                       She was alone but strong,                             She had no one to love her but thousands that would die for her,

She was a queen, she was a woman, she was a Witch!  

Sacrifice was in her blood! 


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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