Heart: Oh lookey here darling the sun is shining, the world is so pretty, I want to be happy.

Brain: Get back in here! You are not supposed to show yourself, hide before someone sees you.

Heart: But the weather is so fine, I want to play and dance in the rain, oh I see some one coming, let me say hi brain please, I promise I will be nice, let me talk to them.

Brain: No! Get back in your rib cage or else! 

Heart(sobbing): You are so mean, you never let me do anything and you have locked me in a cage, it’s so small when I beat, I always get rubbed against it.

Brain (Alerted): HIDE! I will distract them.

Chameleons: Hi!  I smell feelings.

Brain (sweating): What are you talking about you darn hypocrites leave me alone or I will give you fake threats and insults that will haunt you forever.

Chameleons: NO! not fake threats and loaded insults , we will act like we are hurt and name you a selfish self absorbed wannabe and call you an anti social Psychopath then society will hate you, even if they follow your footsteps, cause society is never wrong.

Brain: Ha! Call me what you want, I need a heart to care, my human’s ribcage is empty as our politician’s mind. You can’t do anything to me.

Chameleons: what about your future? Brain you think you know everything, let heart rule, human will be happy and we can easily feed on heart’s misery.

Body: As long as brain is in charge I am strong, don’t act like you care, you just want me to believe you so you can kill my innocence but I know how to play.

Chameleons: Society will never accept you. (walks away) 

Heart: Are they gone?

Brain: yes for now

Heart: oh! You were right brain, they wanted to devour me, break me, it’s better if I stay in my cage.

Brain: I told you but you didn’t listen, if you had , our human would still be happy and not a victim of complex. He would have lived his own way not the way society decided for him.

Heart: I am sorry I just listen to everything, I get happy by fake compliments and I get sad when they belittle me and I know they do that cause they are miserable but what can I do I am a heart.

Brain: Yeah we cant change that, let me handle the situations next time alright, go sleep.

Body: I don’t know why brain and heart fight so often, well if I can survive this war that’s raging within me, I can also survive the outer chaos. I feel strong and weak at the same time, must be the mixed emotions. Oh well. 


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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