“It’s not a Goodbye” 

A thought came to my mind as i was sitting on my sofa,day dreaming of the things that are unrealistic and strange in nature.Then the thought shifted to my best friend,who is getting married,betrothed in December.Such a strange feeling crept inside my body making me feel in a way that i believe can never be explained, as i cannot describe the feeling,it is a mixture of sadness,happiness,agitation with a pinch of everything that makes a body anxious,forces it to move,i can’t control it.We met in a school,we were both teachers.Young,beautiful,fresh and lively as hell.We were total 6 in number (our group),but soon two decided to go astray,leaving us four to fight the world together.Sometimes i miss us,the whole group,how happy and how we thought we were larger than life,how naive we were,but we lived our life to the fullest.Now one of us is getting married soon we all will too,one is engaged,the other one has someone special and I am happily single,living my life my way.I see and totally understand how important the significant other is,I believe when the time is right he will come,I will wait,Idon’t fear that if ever I will have someone to love me,No,I believe in miracles and I have watched them with my eyes happening infront of me.Everything has a right time but right now it’s my time to really discover who I am and what I want.We promised each other that we will definitely dance at others wedding and always remember each other and stay in touch even if we move out of city or country.The situation will change but the friendship will always remain the same because there is no power that can sabotage a perfect friendship we are connected by souls.It feels so weird that i was young but now i am seeing my friends tieing the knots and moving towards the life which lie ahead of them,soon i will too.We leave so many things behind our family,our home,our room,our friends some stay but some have to leave. I know when i will go,i won’t be able to say goodbye because i hate it,I hate the word goodbye itself.But let me tell you one thing,It is not a goodbye,it’s just a beginning of something beautiful, its just a time or moment, when we open our wings and fly away. 

             “As we go on we remember 


   All the times we had together 

            As our life change

            Comes whatever 

           We will still be friends forever”


Author: thegirlinthegreycoat

A girl with big dreams,have a passion for life, complicated and philosophical

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